Chapter 2

 “Who Created Thought?”

The theme evoked a sense of bringing about change through one’s ability. It was not just about knowing what was necessary, but rather having the courage and zeal to follow through. The theme was abstract to facilitate speakers from different fields and understand their prerogative, engaging the audience to think in a different dimension. It was a reflection of one’s upliftment in life, post struggles, and failures. When faced with a challenge, basic biology outlines two kinds of responses – fight and flight. Both these responses manifest into a second chance to reimagine yourself, to upsurge again, rise higher than before, and stand stronger in front of the whole world. But what drives this? Who facilitates this? That is the mystery that the diverse speakers unfolded.

TEDxGIM 2022 Speakers

Sadakat Aman Khan

Harmonium Player | Musician | Composer | Singer | Author

Popularly known as Mr. harmonium, Sadakat is an Indian Musician who has specialized in Hindustani Classical Music and Fusion Music. He started performing professionally in various concerts in the year 2010. He has performed at Nan-hua University, Taiwan in 2020. He has played harmonium solo concerts at various prestigious venues in India including Whole Night Classical Music Concert organized by Doordarshan Kolkata.

Trupti Karjinni

painter | paintmaker | educator
Trupti Karjinni, Entrepreneur, is an internationally recognised artist and instructor. She is the Founder and CEO of Blue Pine Arts, a company that makes handmade artisanal watercolours and other art supplies. She is a self-taught artist and uses her knowledge to empower and inspire others in their learning to create art. She quickly grew her art to a multi-faceted 6-figure business. Her mission is to show artists that they can live an abundant life doing what they love.

Mrinalini Nair

Dancer | Performer
Ms Mrinalini specializes in dance forms like Kathakali, Mohiniattam and Bharatanatyam. She is a trained and certified Dance Movement Therapy Practitioner from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She is going to express her beliefs with her experiences and the learning that she has gotten from them.

Rita Jairath

Athlete | International Judge | Fitness expert |Speaker
Dr. Rita Jairath takes us on the path of uncertainty and twists while talking about how she had earned the love and admiration of the society at large while she had started off with nothing but a leap of faith. Walking the same path doesn’t take you to different places and so is with watching the same set of perceptions about hardship. One of the pioneers in women’s bodybuilding from India. Rita is an IFBB Pro-League International Judge and a part of the Judging Panel at the highest level in international shows. Rita has paved a way for women in the world of bodybuilding. She challenged the conventions of society at large and rose above all to become who she is today.